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Benefits of telemedicine to our Society

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Currently, there are approximately 100 million cases of Coronavirus around the world. Daily, COVID-19 is impacting our lives with families losing their loved ones in what seems like an endless cycle of pain. Our world is shattering right now, whether it be protesting, wars, political issues, or the biggest of all, COVID-19. COVID-19 has brought our medical institutions to their knees, where safely receiving medical care and attention is a prominent issue. Let's take the quarantine triage process that has been implemented since the start of the pandemic. Patients are supposed to stay in a strict 14-day quarantine without any insight into your well-being. This situation tends to let people become complacent since they do not have enough insight into their deteriorating conditions which leads to the chances of mortality being higher. On the other hand, there are other sets of patients whose conditions get so bad that it leads to emergency ICU admissions. This leads to the skyrocketing ICU admissions which we currently see in the US in which the hospitals simply cannot cope up.

The future of telemedicine will enable healthcare providers to keep track on the well-being of their patients. By allowing physicians to diagnose and treat patients at a long distance with the use of telemedicine technologies, we create a better triage process leading to more beds being freed in a hospital which results in better individual care for each patient.

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